Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The end of the end

So, it seems for months now that I have been building up to this moment. First, it was midterms... only half a semester to go until the end. Then it was the marathon bombings and an active manhunt for a terrorist literally outside my front door. Then it was my last day at clinical. I vowed that I wouldn't cry: it was a happy thing after all! But there went the waterworks at the final sight of my great preceptor. And then there's tonight, and the countdowns are as follows:

FINAL final exam: Tomorrow
Graduate hooding ceremony: 6 days
Commencement: 10 days

With things practically all in single digits, it is clear to me that this amazing, crazy, ridiculous journey is coming to an end. And although it is just the beginning, I can't help but feel a little reminiscent about the early days of this crazy ride.

News Headlines: Rachel's Most Pressing Memories from 3 Years at Regis College

Fall semester, 2010
-Petrified at VA Hospital: Clinical instructor forced to physically push student into patient room
-Still petrified at VA Hospital: Afraid to administer meds due to possibility of patient death
-A little less petrified at VA Hospital: Young student nurse successfully administers medications to patient.
-Confident at VA Hospital: Student nurse cares for 2 patients simultaneously, administering medications and helping to create care plans.

Spring semester, 2011
-ZzZzZzZzZzZz: 5:30am- Student nurse dozing on bus to Mt. Auburn Hospital with two best friends in tow.
-Snow. Snow. More snow. Will the seemingly never ending winter wallops ever end?
-Clinically clinical: 3 clinical days a week- how much is too much?
-A time to remember: Regis College nursing student feels more 'nursish' than ever, also worked in locked psych ward and lived to tell the tale.

Summer semester, 2011
-Summer, summer, summertime: No sitting back to unwind for this girl- Children's here we come!
-Perspective: The little things mean most for CF patient at Children's Hospital, all the way from the United Arab Emirates for the expert care of Children's providers.
-Pop! Nursing student watches Cesarean section birth without fainting... only hyperventilation.

Fall semester, 2011
-Wait, what? Regis program requires 125 hours in clinical setting as part of RN preceptorship.
-Getting 'er done! 3 classes and over 20 hours of clinical a week later, nursing students rally towards NCLEX finish line!
-Winter break, what's that? Students sit in crowded, loud classroom for NCLEX review.

Spring Semester, 2012
-The time is NOW! Nursing student schedules NCLEX exam for February 15 at 11:00am... but who remembers that?
-A long 7 DAYS later: student learns of official passing of NCLEX exam...dreams come true!
-The longest paper ever: research paper on thesis proposal goes off without a hitch... haha. Not.
-Double Trouble: Grad student earns her second Bachelor's degree! Let's celebrate!

Summer Semester, 2012
-Health policy shmolicy: Students learn the importance of knowing the healthcare system, even when it bores them.
-Health assessment....advanced. Head to toe assessments and diagnosing...advanced style.

Fall Semester, 2012
-Holy moley: 3rd year student shakes head at concept of being NP student.
-Woah. Woah...just woah.
-Case study pandemonium: 25+ page paper per week drives NP student to insanity.
-Learning in action: Active clinical works encourages NP student confidence, skills and expertise.

And then we are here, Spring Semester 2013... the time I never dreamed would actually come. So what are this semester's headlines, you ask? Those are best summed up in complete sentences. Looking back on this incredible 3 year journey, I have never felt more proud. I also have never felt more grateful: to the teachers that have taught me how to not only be a nurse, but to be a compassionate, empathic one. To the school that has given me the skills to not only be a nurse practitioner, but to be one that is ready to enter the field with confidence, ample experience and knowledge. To the Regis community for allowing me to be a part of such a diverse, special group of people.

So, folks, with that I bid you and this blog adieu. Thank you for giving me the privilege of entering your homes, computers, and lives each week with my thoughts, stresses, experiences and stories. This blog will serve not only as a special memory of what I have been through, but also hopefully as a way for you to navigate your own experience as a past, current or future Regis College student.

Wherever you go, whatever you do may all the blessings of the world follow you.


  1. Thanks for sharing about your experiences with us and blogging. Because blogs are so conversational and browse, it's cool to take an inside look on what it takes to run one.

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