Friday, September 21, 2012


I can't take it! I'm so busy! I have a cold! I don't have time to do anything! I don't have time to eat, to shop, to visit with friends! I can't find my keys! Ugh, this paper is taking so long! My car needs gas!

Those are just some of the usual complaints coming out of my mouth on a daily basis. The life of the nursing student. The chaos, the stress.

But sometimes, it takes a tragedy to put things into perspective.

This morning, President of Regis College Dr. Antoinette Hays sent an email out to the Regis community, informing us that a Regis College student, Darner Alteon, had died last night in a car crash, while he was driving home.

S.T.O.P. Perspective.

In life it is easy to believe that things are really 'that bad'. And sometimes, all it takes is a dose of reality to remember what life is really all about. It is about living. About learning. About a friend, classmate, a son, a cousin. A young man full of promise that doesn't have a tomorrow anymore. That doesn't have a chance to be stressed, or to lose his keys or to have a cold.

My heart breaks for Darner's family, friends and classmates. The Regis community mourns a student who I never had the privilege to meet or to know. But, as anyone who goes to Regis knows, probably would have been one of the people holding the door, letting someone with arms full of books get into the elevator first, waved hello for no reason at all...because that is what Regis College students do. They look out for each other, they support each other, and now, they mourn each other.

May the soul and spirit of Darner Alteon rest in eternal peace. May the family, friends, classmates and Regis community who knew Darner gain strength from the many prayers that are being said for him today. And today, more than ever, let us take a minute to gain a little perspective. Thank you, Darner, for reminding me what life is really about. May you rest in peace.

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